Private Internet Access Review | Best VPN 2015-2016|50% off

One of the major reasons that most people enjoy having access to a computer that can connect to the internet would be the idea that it is possible for you to search for information on an endless amount of topics without having to worry about what you are into at any given point in time. This freedom means that each and every person is provided with a person experience that is much different than what a family member or friend is going to get.

Instead of being forced into a topic of interest based on a set list of websites that you have the ability to explore and share, there is no limitation to what you are able to find by simply using a browser in the way that it was intended. However, this is something that is quickly starting to vanish as internet connections become more widespread within society. In the place of freedom, you are now subjected to content filtering software that would place a very limited window on the amount of information that you have the ability to look at when you have a bit of time on your hands. The freedom that once came along with sitting behind a computer has now been reduced to something that is much more strict of a presentation and experience.

The only way that you can prevent yourself from having to deal with having some of your freedoms being thrown out by someone attempting to restrict the type or nature of content that you are able to view on a regular basis would be to seek a solution that is going to allow you to hold onto these freedoms with a measure that is both cost effective for your pocket and effective when it comes to helping you get rid of the feeling that you are being told what type of content you should be reading. Having a look at a privateinternetaccess review written by a user that is just like you would enable you to make an educated decision when it comes to if this technology is going to be something that you are comfortable using on your machines. There are many vpn solutions on the market which are complex and very difficult to figure out for someone that does not know how to write a computer program. Attempting to use them can be very stressful, but this privateinternetaccess vpn solution does not fit into that category.

Setting Up a Smart DNS Proxy – Is It For You?

smart dns proxy serviceIf you don’t know what a smart DNS proxy is, it’s a special type of service that allows Internet users to view websites that are restricted in their area. The DNS proxy server acts as an intermediary between the restricted website and the device that’s accessing the computer. It tricks the website into seeing that the website is being accessed from a non-restricted geographic location.

A smart DNS proxy service is NOT for free, however, it’s not terribly expensive either. If you live in a country that gives you access to all your favorite websites, you won’t ever need this server. However, if you’re a US military service man who has been drafted to Korea, for example, where you won’t be able to access sites like Netflix, you will need to subscribe to such a service.

When you subscribe to a smart DNS proxy service, a computer is connected to the proxy server located within an approved location to connect to the website. Unlike VPN or Virtual Private Network, a smart DNS proxy is not encrypted and does not change the IP address of the computer. It only alters the device’s DNS and reroutes it to a DNS of another location.

With a smart DNS proxy service, you don’t need to install any software or third-party application. Once you change the DNS of your device, you can immediately gain access to the blocked website. This service is also not limited to one device. You can set it up across a network of devices like smart phones, smart televisions, wi-fi ready gaming consoles, and computers and laptops.

So, if you’re wondering if a smart DNS proxy server is right for you, you should ask if there are any websites that you like to check out but are restricted in your area.